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Where is That Giraffe? Commission WIP

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Where is that giraffeWhen you look at my paintings  you might think that I have envisaged a colour and placed it where I think it is  supposed to be.  The reality is that in my paintings each bit of it is made up of many layers of paint.  If Harvey is a nice reddish brown, then I may start with a shade of yellow, add a shade of red,  further layers of the same colour, or a different brown,  and  tweek the shadows with a shade of blue or purple.  Sometimes I let the colours mingle while wet.  Sometimes I let layers dry and put another on top.  These thin layers of paint will shine through from underneath giving a lively finish quite different from one layer of colour.  Needless to say it leads to a much longer amount of time to complete a painting and I can understand why it is difficult for someone looking at an image to imagine the time involved in the whole process.


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