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Sculpture at Fresh Air Quenington

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A sculpture exhibition is currently showing in the village of Quenington Gloucestershire in the fantastic setting of the Quenginton Old Rectory and gardens.  This annual show is called Fresh Air and features many different exciting, exotic, traditional and contemporary sculptures, something for everyone including  children with refreshments served under cover.  The gardens are huge, beautifully stocked with a stream running through.

Light and Dark

It is interesting to  note the flock of gulls sculpture where in  one instance the photo shows dark against light and the other light against dark. They were taken one after the other and show the choice one can have if using for example a light coloured bird such as a seagull flying in a painting. Against the sky it would be silhouetted or a darker hue than the sky, and against a background such as foliage or cliffs the bird would be brightly highlighted.  It is a good example to show the  choice that one might have in placement of elements such as a flying seagull for drama, effect, or composition.

There is an online catalogue for the Fresh Air exhibition if you want a preview, but don’t look if you want to be surprised!


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