Artwork in Biro – Savannah Burgess

I can’t stop looking at this fantastic animal drawing done in biro by an 18 year old called Savannah Burgess.  It is just so amazing!  I am sooooo in envy :)

artwork by Savannah Burgess

Art of Savannah Burgess find her on Facebook – awesome!

See how this is done, as a gift to her Grandad here.

And more art by Savannah on facebook here.

It is so great for artists to allow us to get up close and personal to the art that they make.  Fab stuff.

Hares – Original animal painting by Diane Young

 King of the Meadow

The hare will be featured intermittently in a series of my ACEO paintings for the beginning of 2014.

This is The King of the Meadow a new painting  completed today.

An original Painting by Diane Young featuring hares.

The brown hare is an elusive animal, I may have glimpsed one only once here in the English countryside in  my lifetime.  So different a shape and behaviour the hare has to the rabbit, it is in fact a different animal.  A fundamental difference is that the rabbit lives below ground and the hare does not, for this reason the rabbit escapes by burrowing and the hare by running with up to speeds of 45mph.  I found very few good videos of hares – so here is one of the best I found of some of a group of hares having fun in the fields of Yorkshire enjoy…

If you like this painting have a look at more of my art in my painting portfolio, or on my prints shop page.

New ACEO paintings – animals galore….

ducks, cats, mice and hares.

Lots of ideas have been springing up in my sketch book,  and finally here are my first ACEO card paintings for 2014. Available for sale on ebay too!

ACEO painting of ducks having fun.

The Tallest?

Wilbur thought that he was the tallest duck;  Henrietta did not mind!  







Painting of Blue cat and mouse sleeping on a window sill.

The Window Sill

Painting of a Mountain hare and Brown Hare by Diane Young artist

Yin and Yang Hares

Commissions from pre-existing designs

I offer  a commission service called Commission-Me-This where  I can reproduce existing designs by painting them once again especially for you.  If  you would rather a painting instead of a reproduction print then I can produce a painting that is almost the same in likeness to a previous design but will have an original finished result.  As each painting is made the organic nature of the process will mean that there may be slight differences in colour application but the drawing or design will be the same.  It is also possible that minimal tweaks can be discussed if the client wishes.

ACEO Painting by Diane Young - Where is that Giraffe?

Here is an ACEO of Harvey the Aardvark playing hide and seek with Giraffe.   This ACEO painting measures 3.5 x 2.5″ only.

This was subsequently commissioned as a 7 x 5 ” painting,     see below…….

7 x 5 " Painting of Harvey the Aardvark and Giraffe

The finished painting shown here with a mount  is essentially the same and only seeing them side by side can you pick out the differences in the painting process. 

The advantage of my Commission-Me-This service is that unlike the usual commissioning scenario where you will not envisage the exact result, what you get here is effectively an “original” painting but you can see what you will be paying before  I begin the work.

Click for Commission-Me-This Price Guide.

Inspiration – Daily Paintings in Watercolour.

I cannot remember how I stumbled upon this blog but this artist’s sketchbook paintings are wonderful, spontaneous, light and full of character.  Often you come across such paintings but less often you come across such consistency of skill.

watercolour painting by Shari Blaukopf

Shari Blaukopf watercolour painting

The artist is Shari Blaukopf who is based in  Canada and is  a “ graphic designer and teacher who spends too much time working on the computer and not enough time drawing and painting”.

A fantastic source of inspiration for getting art and sketching into your daily lives.

Follow her Blog here :  Shari Blaukopf Blog.

Creativity for New ACEO paintings in the New Year

My creativity shut up shop for the Christmas period.  I could sense my focus slipping as extra festive activities took hold.   Rather than wrestling Christmas photo of Toy Santabetween the two I gave myself a break.  I let myself off the hook.

Creativity is often seen as an easy kind of self indulgent luxury.  Those that feel they have not been bestowed any creative talent imagine the enjoyment and loveliness of making pictures.   Perhaps it does come easily to some, but I would imagine that like me plenty of artists procrastinate, heading off down the  path of least resistance, that is any other activity except creativity.

Picture of Diane Young artist decorating.Even washing the car has an easily perceived outcome…you wash it, it looks clean.  With shopping, you shop and hey presto you have food you can cook with.  What about a bit of decorating? Assuming you buy the right paint, paint it on in a sensible fashion, the room looks completely renewed.  Having done all these things before there is no real danger of me straying into unknown territory and making a complete hash of this lot.

As for creating art, well only hundreds of decisions have to be made as you progress, tiny but important ones, the outcome of which make or break the painting.  One of the hardest decisions is eliminating your options, what should one do next?   And when things are not going right do you keep on with it or bin it?

It might be that I have too many hats to wear, a bit of a jack of all trades.  I have a background in accountancy, I know how to use a drill in hammer mode, or wire in telephone connections, I quite like cooking and I love the knowledge my computer wants to bestow on me, and for me it is easy to find reason to do something else,  something that thinks itself more essential than art.

Sketches for ACEO paintings by artist Diane Young

So enter creativity as a discipline.  I gave myself a Chrismas break,  now I have to reintroduce my creativity.  Like a daily supplement.  It needs to be rated as essential, like fruit, or vitamins to let it grow, grow, grow.

Today being the first day on my renewed creative path I have gathered some ideas and started on something new.   There are polar bears, hares, wolves and owls, cats and mice.  Harvey the Aardvark is still hibernating, but only for a short while, he will be back soon.

I am still specialising in ACEOs and hoping to not just sell originals but prints too off of the ACEO category on Ebay and direct via my ACEO Prints Shop site.

Wishing anyone taking the time to read this a very Happy New Year for 2014.  And for anyone wanting to be creative and not quite getting around to it,  do a little bit each day and make it essential,  just like your daily fruit and veg.