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Commissions from pre-existing designs

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I offer  a commission service called Commission-Me-This where  I can reproduce existing designs by painting them once again especially for you.  If  you would rather a painting instead of a reproduction print then I can produce a painting that is almost the same in likeness to a previous design but will have an original finished result.  As each painting is made the organic nature of the process will mean that there may be slight differences in colour application but the drawing or design will be the same.  It is also possible that minimal tweaks can be discussed if the client wishes.

ACEO Painting by Diane Young - Where is that Giraffe?

Here is an ACEO of Harvey the Aardvark playing hide and seek with Giraffe.   This ACEO painting measures 3.5 x 2.5″ only.

This was subsequently commissioned as a 7 x 5 ” painting,     see below…….

7 x 5 " Painting of Harvey the Aardvark and Giraffe

The finished painting shown here with a mount  is essentially the same and only seeing them side by side can you pick out the differences in the painting process. 

The advantage of my Commission-Me-This service is that unlike the usual commissioning scenario where you will not envisage the exact result, what you get here is effectively an “original” painting but you can see what you will be paying before  I begin the work.

Click for Commission-Me-This Price Guide.


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