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Juggling Frames

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I just want to make art in the best possible way. It has to look as I want it to preferably, whether it is mounted, or framed, cut off at each edge at the optimum moment as I see it.  But the whole issue of mounting and framing is a massive obstacle of decisions and expense that actually I would rather do without. Once we have made our art this other stuff is a kind of “red tape” that we have to wrestle with before any attempt can be made to market our wares.  I admit that the carefully and lovingly crafted end result will only look its best if it is able to hang nicely on a wall.  But still as you might choose what you think is the best thing to surround your piece you have to wonder is it what someone else would actually have for themselves?

“Wolf” and “Travelling Cockerel” have been subjected to some shuffling between frames and I think they have settled in quite nicely with these….at least until I have another bright idea …..

Painting of a wolf portrait in a pewter frame by artist Diane Young Stroud

Painting of a Cockerel in an oak frame by artist Diane Young Stroud

Author: DianeY

Illustrator Artist

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