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Every Picture tells a story – realistic and stylised animals in art from Manic Illustrations

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Selection of Art Ready for Christmas

The Emerald Locket original Framed Painting by Diane YoungWolf in Pewter Frame Original Painting by Diane Young

Left Outside - Cat in the Rain painting on canvas  by Diane YOungDressage Horse original framed painting by Diane YoungBernese Dogframed original painting by Diane YoungMagpie with Ivy original mounted painting by Diane YoungThree for a Girl Magpie Stack by Diane YoungIt wasnt me 7 x 5  print in mount by Diane YoungHorse Christmas Bells Print by artist Diane YOungPainting of a Cockerel in an oak frame by artist Diane Young StroudOwl and Pussy Cat pair of mounted paintings by Diane YoungMoongazing Hare with Gold Leaf Giclee Print Framed by Diane YoungRunning Hare Small Gold Framed Painting by Diane YoungThe Golden Bell Goldfinch mounted original  painting by Diane YoungChristmas Cat with Baubles 7 x 5 print by Diane Young

8x6 Rockhoppers Print from a painting by Diane Young


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Too Many Fish….

Currently along with running hares I am painting many fishes (or perhaps many fish?).  After drawing 23 fishes over again to get them right and finally start painting I then decided to give up the first painting as it was not working out and started afresh. The process with all the stripes on 23 mackerel  is a rather painstaking one, so I branched out today and did a small painting of two of them.

Painting of a pair of mackerel and an emerald and gold locket by artist Diane Young

“Leaning over the side, she could see glimmering and shimmering flashes of light. She edged closer still unblinking. Then it was too late. The locket had slipped free and all at once it was gone.” DY

This pair of mackerel have found an emerald locket, the locket is gold leaf, and is part of my “Lost Things ” series.

The locket is a present my Grandmother gave me when I was a teenager, and although I like it it is not something I would actually wear.  I  am now enjoying seeing it embodied in another form as part of my painting.