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The View

It has been a bright crisp day.  The cows are in the top field and the deer below the lane.  I caught two deer sunning themselves with my not-so-great zoom.  The line running across the middle is the lane itself. All sorts of people amble down there completely unawares of the deer grazing in the field below.

Art Studio View Diane Young Manic Illustrations ARtist

Artist Diane Young attic studio view with deerAttic Studio Artist Diane Young

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Commission for Ireland

It was lovely to receive an email from a customer who has received their commission by post today in Ireland.

“The painting has arrived and I am over the moon with it. So pleased. Thank you very much for painting such a great representation of Morgan and the circumstances of his arrival into our lives. You have captured the magic of the evening so well.”

The image has a number of ingredients requested by the client and ultimately the design was agreed upon before starting the painting stage.  A nice thing about this commission was there was no deadline.  This allowed me to think about the best composition using all the things that needed to be in the picture.  The scene was referenced using supplied photographs of the castle, grounds and Morgan himself. This was not a straight forward painting from a photograph perhaps as in a pet portrait, but more a design about an event which led to this dog, an English Pointer called Morgan having a much happier life.

Commission of an English Pointer painting with gold leaf by artist Diane Young of Manic Illustrations Stroud