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They say that if you are exhausted from working the entire day, just spend a few minutes petting your furry friend and all that will wash away.

The love and affection that these speechless beings share is divine.

While dogs top the list of pets, guinea pigs rank pretty high up there, too. Their small stature, innocent behavior, and cute face melt your heart whenever you see them.

You might have seen many pet lovers having guinea pigs in their homes who become the visitors’ center of attraction. They socialize very well with humans, and their playful acts are worth noticing.

If you don’t have one in your house but still want to feel the experience, the videos below just might do the trick!

Here, we have presented you with a list of 6 cute, funny YouTube videos that have captured these small animals’ activities that will make you laugh your lungs out.

So, without wasting further time, let’s check them out!

We’ll start with the video, then give you an overall idea of what to expect in it (in case you’re short on time and want to choose just one).

#1 Animal Planet Videos: baby guinea pig compilation

This video in the Animal Planet Videos channel has garnered more than 2 million views.

It was published in the year 2017, and since then, it has been the favorite video of many guinea pig lovers.

This 13-minute stream shows you the activities of several adorable guinea pigs whose videos are compiled.

You can see how they react to certain things that the owner does.

It is funny to watch them nibble onto an apple, a tomato, or other veggies while at the same time watching them sleep is incredibly adorable.

Their activities will make you laugh all the time.

There is also a scene where a white guinea pig wakes up on a fine morning with a grumpy face that resembles the look you make on a Monday morning.

There is much more to watch in this fantastic video and keep yourself entertained.

#2 Grumpy Dogs: Funny and Cute Guinea pig Compilation

This channel features many videos on dogs, but the owners haven’t restricted themselves to only one animal.

Grumpy dogs is the perfect channel for every animal lover in this world.

Through this video, you will be getting an opportunity to go on a journey that takes you closer to the lives of guinea pigs.

You can get to know more about them and their unique habits.

Watched by more than 1 million people worldwide, this 10-minute video consists of different short clips compiled together.

The video opens with a small guinea pig nibbling a red bell pepper with a cute hat on top.

You will then find one taking a bath in a tiny bathtub and enjoying it.

Eating is what they enjoy a lot, and this video is filled with videos that showcase their unique style of eating different veggies and fruits.

Ever saw how a cat reacts to a guinea pig? You will witness this unseen relationship in this video. After all, you will be getting an insight into their active lives.

#3 Little Adventures: Owning a Guinea Pig

Are you planning to keep guinea pigs as pets? If the answer is yes, then you should definitely watch this video to get an idea of what it’s like.

The channel owner, Julia, owns five guinea pigs and shares her experience with you.

You will get more information regarding these adorable munchkins through her videos and will be entirely prepared before you get one.

Not only are her videos informative, but they also spice up your life with entertainment and laughter.

So, if you want to have a little bit of piggie happiness in your life, we would highly recommend you to subscribe to Little Adventures and watch the videos.

#4 Amazing Animal tricks: Guinea pig Tricks

Do you want to learn how to train your guinea pigs while having fun watching them? This video is meant for the same.

While filling your dull lives with happiness and joy, this video aims to teach you how you should train your guinea pigs.

You can learn the tricks of training your adorable fluff about giving a high five, stand up, spin in circles, pick a card, and much more.

You will find all sorts of training videos on this channel and can also watch the videos to step out of your hectic schedule.

The most significant aspect of these videos is that you will be amazed to see the number of things these animals can do.

You must have never thought that your tiny munchkin could indulge in activities that are shown here.

#5 Funny pets: Guinea pigs

Want to see a piggie swimming? How fast do you think a guinea pig can eat? Eager to see a piggie feasting on a strawberry?

If you want to, then stop by this video on Funny pets.

This channel features hilarious animal videos, and the one featuring the piggies is more entertaining than all others.

Once you watch this video, you will fall in love with these furry social animals.

Their activities will make you burst out in laughter but simultaneously will take them closer to their lifestyle.

You will be awe-struck to see the love they share with their owners and siblings.

So, if you want to experience the love and affection of a piggie, ensure to check out this video.

#6 The Pet Collective: Cool Guinea Pig Compilations

The last one on our list is a video by The Pet Collective.

From tea parties to eating carrots, you will see every funny thing about these cute animals that you would have never seen before.

The cute fight over a blade of grass is the funniest thing in this 3-minute-long video.

You will roll over the floor with your hands on the stomach after watching the activities of these little four-legged creatures.

If you are highly-obsessed with piggies, this video will undeniably make your day. You will get to know everything related to these social animals through this channel.

It is entertaining while, at the same time, incredibly educational.

There are no topics left on these animals that are not covered on this channel.

If you want to gain information on these fascinating animals, do not forget to watch the Pet Collective videos on YouTube.


What is the cutest type of guinea pig?

Well, that’s entirely subjective! I personally think that they’re all equally adorable. That said, the Abyssinian is absolutely gorgeous.

However, the hairless Skinny Pig has her charms, too. So, really, it’s up to your preferences.

Do guinea pigs smell?

All creatures have their own unique scent, but guinea pigs aren’t super stinky themselves.

For example, they aren’t as musky as, say, a sugar glider or a ferret. I’ve snuggled mine close to my face and never really noticed a particularly strong odor.

That said, their habitat can get stinky if you don’t keep up with cleaning it. Even just skipping a day can lead to strong and foul odors.

Do guinea pigs bite?

Yes and no. While guinea pigs can bite, they really only do so when they feel extremely threatened. Even then, they tend to nibble more than outright chomp.

However, like all creatures, just because they rarely bite doesn’t mean it can never happen.

Final Thoughts

For those who can’t own a pet, watching videos is definitely the next best thing! I hope you enjoyed these cute & funny guinea pig YouTube videos!

6 Cute, Funny Youtube Videos Featuring Guinea Pigs - Petsvills (1)

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6 Cute, Funny Youtube Videos Featuring Guinea Pigs - Petsvills (2024)
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