Easy Keto Ground Beef Recipes | Create A Fit Life (2024)

One of the best things about the keto diet is all the easy keto ground beef recipes that are available to ketogenic dieters.

These recipes can be a traditional cheeseburger recipe with a small twist or variation to an old favorite food. But this recipe list does not stop there.

Eating should be an experience and these low carb recipes can give you just that by adding some interesting spices and pairings of unique foods.

Losing weight does not have to be restrictive when you have these tasty recipes available at your fingertips.

Whether you are using a grill, crockpot, stovetop or oven you can make some great ground beef recipes. Don’t like ground beef?

No problem…substitute ground turkey, chicken or pork. Check out a few of my favorite keto recipes that use ground beef.

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Keto Ground Beef Recipes

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Keto Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Beef Stroganoff is a recipe that originated in Russia. This recipe is low carb and loaded with richness.

This recipe actually uses beef brisket, but nothing would stop you from using ground beef.

Beef stroganoff makes the perfect meal to feed the whole family and have leftovers.

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Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

Who doesn't love a good bacon cheeseburger? This is the perfect one-dish keto recipe for having a ground beef casserole.

Topped with creamy cheese and containing 2 grams of carbohydrates, 27 grams of protein and 31 grams of fat this is the perfect keto ground beef casserole.

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Keto Korean Ground Beef Bowl

Yum! This spicy ground beef recipe is served over cauliflower rice making it a great fit for any keto or low carb food plan.

Besides its flavor, one of the best things about this recipe is its prep time. It only takes 20 minutes to have this keto ground beef dish on the table.

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Best Keto Meatloaf Recipe

No Keto ground beef list would be complete without a meatloaf recipe.

The almond flour makes this recipe low carb and the cheese and bacon give it the necessary fat and protein to make a great keto diet meal.

The prep time for this is 15 minutes and can easily be prepared after work or ahead of time and popped in the oven for a delicious meal an hour later.

Need a recipe that will feed and please the whole family. This Tex-Mex casserole is the perfect solution. This an ideal after school\work recipe because it has a prep time of fewer than 20 minutes.

It is as simple as browning the hamburger, adding the rest of the ingredients and putting the dish in the oven. In less than an hour, you will have dinner on the table.

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Low Carb Blue Cheese Burgers

Cheese is one of my favorite foods. There isn't one type I don't like and that includes blue cheese. Nothing goes better with cheese than a burger.

If you are not in the mood for ground beef, why not try turkey or portobello mushroom.

There are also some very tasty vegetable burgers that can be paired with a variety of cheeses and condiments.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of burgers and condiments.

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Low Carb Lasagna Meatballs

I love meatballs. They can be eaten as a meal by themselves or in a bit of sauce with some parmesan or mozzarella cheese on top.

If you enjoy meatballs, you are sure to enjoy this meatball lasagne recipe. The spiralized zucchini noodles is what makes this dish low-carb and keto-friendly.

If you are in the mood for keto lasagna, you can have this one on the table in about an hour.

Do you have a pasta craving, but you are trying to stick to a low-carb eating plan?

Then you should give this stuffed spaghetti squash with tomato and ground beef recipe a shot!

This is the perfect light meal that will fill you up. You could also use zucchini or summer squash to hold the filing if you looking for a variation.

Easy Keto Ground Beef Recipes | Create A Fit Life (9)

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Bacon Double Cheeseburger Stuffed Mushrooms

One of these best things about a low carb diet is that you are allowed cheeseburgers and bacon. This stuffed mushroom recipe has both, making it twice as tasty.

Besides the flavor, the best part about this recipe is it takes 30 minutes from opening the refrigerator to being on the table.

You can't go wrong with stuffed mushrooms, especially when they are filled with cheeses, bacon and seasoned ground beef.

If you are a lover of the Big Mac, this a low-carb dish just for you. Got a family of picky eaters? This recipe is sure to please every member of the family.

Casseroles make the perfect meal after a day at work or school. They are tasty, filling and make the perfect comfort food. This is a great one to add to your monthly menu list.

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Low-Carb Sriracha Beef Lettuce Wraps

Sriracha sauce and cilantro are two of my favorites and they are what gives this recipe for beef lettuce wraps its flavor.

This meal is simple and can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.

These wraps are made with the perfect seasoning mixture to delight anyone that enjoys a dish with a bit of a kick to it.

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Low Carb American Goulash

No ground beef recipe list would be complete without a goulash recipe. The best part is this one is low-carb and delicious.

Now goulash requires pasta, but as we all know, the pasta will increase the net carbs and most likely exceed the daily limit.

This recipe uses cauliflower to keep the carbs in check and to provide the consistency of having the macaroni that goulash is so well known for.

If you are looking for something that you cannot find every day, this is it. There are a million ways you can prepare meatballs and chicken and orange chili sauce is a great pairing.

This recipe is a unique twist on a fan-favorite from Myles and Juns Yakitori. Packed with flavor and easy to make, this is a recipe that is sure to please.

If you are looking for something you have not had before, this is your meal.

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Spaghetti Squash Casserole

How spaghetti squash is fixed today has come a long way over the years. It has gone from side dish to the main stage and this spaghetti squash casserole is proof of that.

Prep time for this recipe is minimal. It will be in the oven for over an hour, but it will be well worth the wait. Use ground beef, turkey or chicken as the base of the filling.

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General Tso's Meatballs

General Tso's is one of my favorite sauces and these tasty meatballs include this sauce as its flavoring.

Meatballs are one of the most versatile dishes. They can be made with a number of meats mixrues and the sauces can be just as varied.

Pair these tasty meatballs with your favorite vegetable or side dish.

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Meat Bagels

Meat bagels...it sounds interesting to say the least, but it looks absolutely delicious. This is meat formed in the shape of a bagel.

These bagels can be made with your favorite ground meat. You can even use a mix of ground meats. Fill the inside with your favorite fresh greens and vegetables.

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Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Meatloaf

If you like jalapeno poppers, this is the recipe for you. This delicious meatloaf recipe is made with a seasoned pork mixture layered with cream cheese filling spiked with jalapeno chunks.

The whole loaf is wrapped in bacon slices. The meal should cool a bit before slicing to keep the cream cheese from running out.

If you are looking for a new twist on a traditional comfort food, this is it.

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Spinach, Goat Cheese & Chorizo Omelette

Even though this recipe has chorizo and not ground beef, hamburger could easily be used in this tasty spinach, goat cheese and chorizo omelet.

This recipe is all low-carb and keto-friendly. You can also get creative by adding a different cheese or additional or different vegetables. The possibilities with this recipe are endless.

An omelet may be a traditional breakfast food, but it is delicious at any meal.

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Final Thoughts on Keto Ground Beef Recipes

Ground beef…it is quick, easy and should be part of any low carb diet. It can be lean or with a little more fat (great for a burger on the grill).

It can be mixed with ground pork. Ground meat can be topped with cheese and sauces. It can be eaten with vegetables and greens.

Ground beef meals can be lean or higher in fat and who does not love a good comfort meal with ground beef. You can’t go wrong with a pound of ground beef.

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