Go South New Mexico Rural Investment Not to Miss Electric... (2024)

Embrace the opportunity to own a slice of Luna County’s tranquil beauty with this 0.50-acre property in Deming Ranchettes, offering a blend of rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and endless recreational activities.

Discover a serene community offering an effortless blend of tranquility, heritage, and outdoor activity – the perfect place to call home or secure as a rewarding investment.

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Welcome to Deming Ranchettes, Luna County, New Mexico

Imagine owning a piece of land tucked away in the warm embrace of the Chihuahuan Desert, surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges, offering an expansive sky canvas adorned with an average of 288 days of sunshine each year. Deming Ranchettes offer exactly this and more.

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Beyond the Horizon: Stunning Mountain Views

Your property is nestled among Luna County's three most exquisite mountain ranges: the Cooke Mountains, the Florida Mountains, and the Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) Mountains. Find yourself drawn to the trails that wind through these majestic terrains, revealing the rich history and tradition that define this region.

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A Rich Tapestry of History and Culture

From the Mimbres and Mogollon Native cultures that infused this land with their spirit centuries ago, to the cowboy tapestry that blankets Luna County even today, this is a location steeped with stories waiting to be discovered and shared.

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Outdoor Recreation - An Adventure at Every Turn

Purchasing this 0.50-acre property is not just an investment; it's buying into a lifestyle. Take advantage of the potential to create your dream single-family residence without the constraints of unreasonable restrictions, time limits, or HOA dues.

This off-grid, undeveloped land is an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With water and a septic system, RVs can stay up to 240 days/year, and without utilities, you can stay up to 30 days/year. The property is a place for rest and relaxation, where cell phones still work nearly everywhere.

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A Community That Cares

Deming, the heart of Luna County, with its population of 14,000, sits 4,331 feet above sea level. It's a community where every individual is accepted and helped when in need. The town is a cozy place known for its temperate weather and friendly natives. The sense of belonging is immediate, the air of homeliness tangible.

Small Town, Big Opportunity

Opportunities abound here from both a lifestyle and an investment perspective. The affordable land, low taxes, easy transportation access, and the plethora of natural, cultural, and historical attractions make Luna County an ideal place to settle down or invest in.

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The Time to Act is Now

Embrace this opportunity in owning a piece of Luna County. With the flexibility to create your personal paradise or invest and watch your capital grow, this rarely available property is poised for you.

Imagine the possibilities; imagine the peace, the space, the freedom, and the investment. This 0.50-acre plot in Deming Ranchettes, Luna County, New Mexico, could be the decision that leads you to a life of peace, prosperity, and contentment.

Make this dream a reality with easy financing terms...

Owner Financing – No Credit Check - No Interest

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*There are not existing wells on the property, this is the raw land only.

The cash price for this property is$1,997, or owner finance the property.

Financing Terms:

  • $249 Doc Fee
  • $75 Down
  • $75 per month for 36 months (plus $15/month Note Maintenance Fee and $2/month prorated property taxes)
  • 0% Interest
  • No Credit Check
  • No Interest
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Own this lot. Start today with for only $324 ($249 doc fee and $75 Down) then $75/month for 36 months.

Luna County Property Details: Deming Ranchettes

  • Property Address: NA
  • Subdivision:Deming Ranchettes
  • Legal Description: DEMING RANCHETTES UNIT 4 BLOCK 2 TRACT 30
  • Parcel ID: 3-044-144-187-066
  • Size: 0.50 Acre
  • Estimated Annual Property Taxes:$18.00
  • Terrain:Flat, Plain, Desert.
  • Elevation: 4694.7 feet
  • Access:San Jose
  • Conveyance: Warranty Deed
  • GPS Coordinates:
    • GPS Center:32°10'47.3"N 107°38'13.2"W
    • NW GPS:32°10'48.6"N 107°38'14.1"W
    • NE GPS:32°10'48.6"N 107°38'12.7"W
    • SE GPS:32°16'09.5"N 107°34'13.0"W
    • SW GPS:32°10'46.7"N 107°38'12.7"W
  • Closest Highways: US HWY-70, I-10.
  • Closest Major Cities: Deming (18 minutes), Las Cruces (1 hour), El Paso (1 1/2 hours), Albuquerque (3 1/2 hours)
  • Closest Gas Station: Chevron (14 minutes)
  • Nearby Attractions:Rockhound State Park (1.7 Miles/4 minutes from property), Basin Range Geolapidary Museum (4 mins), Spring Canyon Recreation Area (8 mins) Southwestern New Mexico State Fair (16 mins), Lovers Leap Trail, Frontera Sculpture Oasis, City of Rocks State Park, Silver City Museum, Florida Mountains Wilderness Study Area
  • Zoning:There is no traditional zoning in Luna County
  • What Can Be Built: No lot shall be used except for residential purposes. (One Detached Single-Family Dwelling.)
  • What Can You Do On/Near Property:Reside
  • Is the land cleared: Yes
  • Camping/Notes: Camping and RV on this property for 30 Days at a time, and longer if you have a building permit.
  • RVs/Notes: Camping and RV on this property for 30 Days at a time, and longer if you have a building permit.
  • Mobile Home/Notes:Allowed. These lots in Deming Ranchettes allow for mobile homes and horses.
  • Are tiny houses or small cabins allowed:Yes, it is allowed as long as it meets the building requirements.
  • Time limit to build: All construction shall be completed within six months from the date of commencement.
  • Subdivision restrictions: https://cms6.revize.com/revize/lunacounty/DemingRanchettes.pdf
  • Water: Available in the area but you will need to go to Deming City Hall (575) 546-8848 to ask for assistance on how to get water connected.
  • Sewer/Septic: Sewer is not available. You would need to install septic system
  • Electric: Power is available in the area but not connected yet. In order to get connection, please reach out to Columbus Electric Co-Op at (575) 546-8838 for info how to get lot connected. See also: https://www.pnm.com/
  • Waste:For more information visit - https://lunacountynm.us/departments/road_department/convenience_trash_disposal_stations.php
  • Recycling:visit here for more info -https://www.recyclenewmexico.com/directory/entry/66/
  • HOA/Fees:None in the area.
  • Notes: For more information specific to Luna County call the county building and planning department: 575-546-0494
  • Disclaimers: This property is being sold “as is”. We do our best to collect accurate information, but we cannot guarantee that any of the information in this ad is correct, we recommend each buyer do their own research. We do our best to get pictures of the actual property, but they may not be of the property we are advertising. The information we have listed in this ad is what we found when we researched this property; we are relaying the information the county has on the property. It is the buyers responsibility to do their own due diligence before buying. Field & Country LLC provides all terms buyers a 90-day money back guarantee.
Go South New Mexico Rural Investment Not to Miss Electric... (2024)
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