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Every Picture tells a story – realistic and stylised animals in art from Manic Illustrations

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The View

It has been a bright crisp day.  The cows are in the top field and the deer below the lane.  I caught two deer sunning themselves with my not-so-great zoom.  The line running across the middle is the lane itself. All sorts of people amble down there completely unawares of the deer grazing in the field below.

Art Studio View Diane Young Manic Illustrations ARtist

Artist Diane Young attic studio view with deerAttic Studio Artist Diane Young


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Room With a View

At last I can see out from my studio whilst sitting down thanks to my window upgrade from a small dorma to a large velux!

BEFORE: Can only see the sky when sat at my work table. 😦

May 13 attic studio

DURING: An empty room and lots of dust.

Attic Studio window (4)








AFTER:  A view and lots of light!    🙂

Attic Studio window (1)



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ACEO designs – Referencing Real Things

Even if a design does not depict reality real things have to be referenced to make them have all the nuances and feel of the real thing or else the design will not be convincing.

Readers Digest 1968…..

One of the things we were taught on our university course was to reference everything and to research objects.  A thorough example of referencing was the 1960’s illustrator Bill Johnson who would have had to set up a real scene like the one he was trying to depict to use as reference  and illustrate in situ from life.    Not so easy to running off digital pics  as we can now to use at our leisure in the  studio.    If you take  a look at Digger and Harvey with the Strawberry in my design “It wasn’t Me” I have done as I was told with my referencing.   Digger is in fact a fox terrier,  the strawberry was photographed by me for reference before I ate it up.  I know that blackbirds are round as I have drawn them from life,  and Harvey well I have drawn him so many times over the years I know him well enough to reference him to himself!

Fun Painting of character Harvey and friends by Diane Young

ACEO Sold to Colorado USA