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Every Picture tells a story – realistic and stylised animals in art from Manic Illustrations

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Strange Owls and Coincidences

Sold! From  Studio No 71 in Totnes, my Barn Owl with Stopwatch original painting with gold leaf.

Barn Owl with gold leaf by artist Diane Young at Studio No 71 Totnes

Barn Owl framed

This weekend after a trip to Dartmoor we dropped in to collect some work from Studio 21 which has a great position at the bottom of the High Street.  The shop is small but packed with interesting things to discover; pictures, sculptures, plates and bowls and glass and pottery and more!

Not only did we arrive on a day when a customer was about to purchase one of my original paintings, but Studio No 71 had also sold a framed Moongazing Hare print of mine during that day too.

How strange, not to have sold for quite some time, and then two in one day and when I was visiting!

It is so nice to meet the individual who likes my art enough to buy it and hang it on their wall.  An image that I have formed from my imagination strikes its own chord with another person, and off it goes on its own journey, in this instance wrapped and strapped onto a bicycle!

Grateful for time with friends and walks on Dartmoor just as the season is turning and when such coincidences are a delight.


Studio 71 facebook page.



@MannJewellers #Animals in #Art

My #Moongazing #Hare is for sale as a gold leaf embellished print at Mann Jewellers in #Stroud, pop in and have a look!

Painting of a Moongazing Hare with a gold leaf moon by artist Diane Young of Manic Illustrations StroudMoongazing Hare with Gold Leaf Giclee Print Framed by Diane Young

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#Art for #Sale in #Totnes by Diane Young

Studio 71 @ Totnes – A display of my artwork for sale

So a hint of the Summer season is upon us, quite a bit of sunshine and the beginning of holiday bookings.  Here is hoping that lots of people will descend upon Totnes in Devon (UK) very soon in the hope that some of my art will find a loving home.  Thanks to Tim and Basia Clegg at Studio No 71 here is a collection of my work.

Studio 71 Totnes gallery with Diane Youngs paintings: Owl, Pussy Cat, Hare, Thunderbird, and Sedna with Seals


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Studio No 71 Today

My Barn Owl painting now proudly sits in the Gallery window in the hope of a new home.

Barn Owl with gold leaf by artist Diane Young at Studio No 71 Totnes

Here is some more of my work on display too! A mixture of original paintings and prints.

Studio No 71 Totnes Gallery featuring paintings by artist Diane Young


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Collector 71 shop in Totnes Devon

Ok so this is Collector 71 a shop on the main thoroughfare in Totnes full of interesting things!

Scroll down to my Moon-gazing Hare painting with the gold leaf glistening in the sunshine!

Collector 71 shop in Totnes selling art by Diane YoungCollector 71 shop in Totnes selling art by Diane Young

Collector 71 shop in Totnes selling art and moongazing hare by Diane Young