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The Fox, The Goldfinch and The Golden Bell

Art and Stories A Fox & Goldfinch Theme

Following a fox theme here is an image which is linked to my earlier painting of the goldfinch carrying the Golden Bell which is below.

Painting of a fox, a goldfinch with a storyline by artist Diane Young Stroud

Painting of a goldfinch with a golden bell by artist Diane Young Manic Illustrations Stroud with gold leaf.


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Studio No 71 Today

My Barn Owl painting now proudly sits in the Gallery window in the hope of a new home.

Barn Owl with gold leaf by artist Diane Young at Studio No 71 Totnes

Here is some more of my work on display too! A mixture of original paintings and prints.

Studio No 71 Totnes Gallery featuring paintings by artist Diane Young

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More Lost Things – The Stopwatch

Just a few tiny details to add and my Barn Owl will be completed.

This is another image for my series of Lost Things (along with the Lost Pearl and the Golden Bell) and a continuing theme of gold leaf moons. The captivating Barn Owl.  Both feared and venerated throughout history and a variety of cultures the owl has been associated with both evil and wisdom.  Thankfully superstitions such as its association with witches have died away and we can count ourselves lucky if we manage to enjoy a glimpse of this fascinating night time hunter.

Read more about my story for this image here.

Painting of a barn owl by artist Diane Young of Manic Illustrations