A Murder of Magpies.

WIP painting of Magpie stack by artist Diane Young

This idea has been in mind for quite some time and it does feel good to have at last completed the painting.

This balancing act has to appear to be believable and so getting each bird in a convincing position was tricky but I think it works.

The above is a  work-in-progress pic and the finished painting is shown below.

Painting of 3 Magpies by artist Diane Young


A group of magpies have more than one name – a congregation, or a murder, I have also seen them referred to as a tiding, a charm and a mischief.

Whippet Dog Portrait Painting – WIP 1

Whippet painting work in progress by animal and pet portrait dog artist Diane YoungI transferred the finished drawing from my finished draft onto a piece of watercolour paper making sure I have taken into account the extra space around the outside needed to stick it to the board and to allow some play in the size of the finished piece.  It had been stretched first, taped to a board and dried overnight.


Materials used here are hot pressed 140lb watercolour paper and acrylic paint. My lightbox is an old cutdown amazon box with an unwanted picture frame glass front for the top and a spare loose strip light taped inside!

ACEO Giraffe painting progress

Mon 27 wip giraffe 8x6 Almost done, shadows and some finishing off to do.  Giraffes can actually reach speeds of 37 mph /60kmh which I have only seen on TV but is a sight to behold for such an ungainly animal.   Not often do you see them blending in with a stone wall.

wip penguin sketches aceo  These are ready to get on with tomorrow.

Manic in the Attic – A tiny bit of chaos with ACEOs etc.

May 13 attic2It has been a bit slow for me this week on account of time off for a birthday with a zero in it :$

 A day out meandering the streets of Cirencester, coffee, lunch and tomorrow a meal out with my family.

  In the meantime my studio ( a nice name for a room full of stuff) is just starting to get out of control.  As you can see I work in a toblerone shaped room,  it is in the attic space, and gets very hot in the summer.    The sunlight chases my paint palette across the table trying to dry the paints up.   Plenty of bits going onto ebay today whilst waiting for layers of paint to dry….  greeting cards, prints and of course ACEOs.  Harvey has got the mouse to help him park his trolley with a cheese wedge on Ebay for 7  days.

May 13 attic1

Where is That Giraffe? Commission WIP

Where is that giraffeWhen you look at my paintings  you might think that I have envisaged a colour and placed it where I think it is  supposed to be.  The reality is that in my paintings each bit of it is made up of many layers of paint.  If Harvey is a nice reddish brown, then I may start with a shade of yellow, add a shade of red,  further layers of the same colour, or a different brown,  and  tweek the shadows with a shade of blue or purple.  Sometimes I let the colours mingle while wet.  Sometimes I let layers dry and put another on top.  These thin layers of paint will shine through from underneath giving a lively finish quite different from one layer of colour.  Needless to say it leads to a much longer amount of time to complete a painting and I can understand why it is difficult for someone looking at an image to imagine the time involved in the whole process.