About Me

Diane Young artist of Manic Illustrations…..

Hiding in my attic studio creating animal characters with lots of life and mischief and animals of a more realistic style…….

CONTACT DIANEDiane Young Manic Artist of Manic Illustrations

Email me: diane@manicillustrations.com


Fun pictures of animal antics created in my attic studio.  Also animal studies, dog portraits and mythology paintings.

Painting by Diane Young - Mouse on a Branch


Original animal paintings  including ACEOs

Pet and animal commissions.

Animal Prints from Original Paintings.

Commissions from pre-existing designs.


Direct from me: diane@manicillustrations.com

ACEO original paintingsACEO originals on ebay

Animal Prints from Original Paintings: Huge variety of print qualities and mediums, prices and sizes to suit all. Prints Shop: Check out my Animal Prints  Shop page.

Contact email if there is something else you require either the design or size.: diane@manicillustrations.com

Regardless of whether you wish to purchase I hope these images will brighten your day…..Harvey has got lots to do and places sometimes with his shopping trolley.  Here is Harvey the aardvark….

Harvey the Aardvark ACEO by Diane Young    Gus Commission Dog Portrait painting by Diane Young

Above is Harvey The Aardvark and the terrier is Gus a pet portrait commission

There really is a Manic Attic…..stairs  the Manic Attic to the Manic Illustrators creative hub.  With a coffee requirement from the kitchen the stairs keep me fit!

Diane Young attic studioManic Attic 2

It is a small space for a lot of things so although it may look a bit unkempt everything is in its place. Diane Young Attic Studio    2012-Dec-Art-table

Take a peek at the paintings created at my messy looking painting table: Manic Illustrations Portfolio

Diane Young artist available for:

Manic Illustrations Logo

Freelance Work –

Illustration work.  Children’s Book Publishers, Licensing, Magazine Publications, etc

Please view my Portfolio of Paintings.

I am inspired by nature and animals…

More about Artist Diane Young.

Contact : email – diane@manicillustrations.com

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