Manic Illustrations Studio

Art Room in the Attic

…well Diane is probably just getting more coffee….some artists need alot of coffee….

Manic Illustrations Attic Studio International artist illustrator Diane Young

I really do not know what a studio is.  Most studios I have seen at least have room to swing a cat but even a mouse would not get far here.  So sometimes the space I work in which is shaped like a toblerone is an office as it has computers and a printer in it, but also it is a studio which the best word I can find to describe a room to create art.  I have a small table but if I need to work larger the art is on a board anyway so no problems there.  The most important ingredient is coffee and the most important equipment is magnification especially when painting detail on ACEOs.  The only other imperative thing in a small room is to be organised.  You can pack quite alot into a small space, but you have to be organised, a bit like the ACEOs  I produce.

Diane Young attic studio at Manic Illustrations

Studio for the Artist

My studio is on the attic floor of Cotswold stone cottage with walls 20 inches thick.  This house has parts of it which are over 250 years old, the roof is steep to help with the dispersal of snow in winter when there was no central heating, the walls are 20 inches thick and the windows are relatively small.  Our house is not big but it is more than adequate and started its life as tiny abodes with just one [room]  up and one room down for whole families to live in.  I keep fit getting coffee from the kitchen as both sets of stairs are very steep.

Diane Young attic studioManic Attic Stairs

Me, looking slightly suspicious :)

Diane Young in her studio Manic Illustrations

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