Animal Artist ~ Diane Young

Every Picture tells a story – paintings of realistic and stylised animals

Pet Portraits – You like realistic paintings

My love of animals inspires my creativity.  Pets are cherished family members each with their own personalities and characters.  With a pet portrait commission my aim is to capture the character of your pet as best I can using photographs and my illustrative style.

Dani Fred smilingA painting of a dog portrait by artist Diane Young

Prices are around £125 for A4 Size.  Remember an A4 painting is significantly larger when mounted and framed.  More price details are shown below.

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Original paintings are around £125 at size A4    

(this is the size of the aperture of the mount before framing).

This is a guide only.

I like to supply paintings and prints ready mounted to frame usually using an off white (pale cream) mount colour.

It is possible for me to get paintings custom framed.  I use a local framer who has a huge variety of choice. Please bear in mind it may be a little more P&P to post framed rather than a print only but of course your picture will be ready to hang.



3 thoughts on “Pet Portraits – You like realistic paintings

  1. Aren’t pet portrait are fun to do. Yours are wonderful.


  2. Beautiful portraits. I love the style you bring to them.


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