Pet Portraits

My love of animals inspires my creativity.  Pets are cherished family members each with their own personalities and characters.  With a pet portrait commission my aim is to capture the character of your pet as best I can using photographs and my illustrative style.

Scroll down for full view of all paintings displayed on the slideshow.

Prices are around £125 for A4 Size.  Remember an A4 painting is significantly larger when mounted and framed.  More price details are shown below.

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Dog photo showing Gooner for Pet Portrait Painting by Diane YOungPet Dog Portrait Animal Painting by artist Diane YoungBasset Hound - My Best Side painting by Diane Young available as a Commission Me This DesignCat-Longhair-portrait-web-wmHorse-Dressage-Head-wm-webnLila-colour-web-wmBelgian-shepherd-web-wmGus dog portrait the original photographPet portrait commission painting of a terrier dog by artist Diane YoungDani Fred smilingA painting of a dog portrait by artist Diane Young



Pet Portrait commission painting by artist Diane Young of Manic IllustrationsPainting of a wolf by Artist Diane Young

Dawn Mcniff Gooner 2A painting of a dog portrait by artist Diane YoungPet portrait commission painting by artist illustrator Diane YoungToby Pet Portrait Commission Painting of a springer spaniel by artist Diane Young

Some of the paintings in my portfolio are commission requests and so the original has been sold. Other paintings are painted purely for my portfolio and because I love painting animals.  These are available as an original piece where available or as a print.


Original paintings are around £125 at size A4    

(this is the size of the aperture of the mount before framing).

This is a guide only.

I like to supply paintings and prints ready mounted to frame usually using an off white (pale cream) mount colour.

It is possible for me to get paintings custom framed,  P&P will be significantly more for this.  I use a local framer who has a huge variety of choice.  She coincidentally has the same surname as me and is not related!

More to see and buy here: Animal Prints from Manic Illustrations.

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