Hares – Original animal painting by Diane Young

 King of the Meadow

The hare will be featured intermittently in a series of my ACEO paintings for the beginning of 2014.

This is The King of the Meadow a new painting  completed today.

An original Painting by Diane Young featuring hares.

The brown hare is an elusive animal, I may have glimpsed one only once here in the English countryside in  my lifetime.  So different a shape and behaviour the hare has to the rabbit, it is in fact a different animal.  A fundamental difference is that the rabbit lives below ground and the hare does not, for this reason the rabbit escapes by burrowing and the hare by running with up to speeds of 45mph.  I found very few good videos of hares – so here is one of the best I found of some of a group of hares having fun in the fields of Yorkshire enjoy…

If you like this painting have a look at more of my art in my painting portfolio, or on my prints shop page.

New ACEO paintings – animals galore….

ducks, cats, mice and hares.

Lots of ideas have been springing up in my sketch book,  and finally here are my first ACEO card paintings for 2014. Available for sale on ebay too!

ACEO painting of ducks having fun.

The Tallest?

Wilbur thought that he was the tallest duck;  Henrietta did not mind!  







Painting of Blue cat and mouse sleeping on a window sill.

The Window Sill

Painting of a Mountain hare and Brown Hare by Diane Young artist

Yin and Yang Hares