Animal Artist ~ Diane Young

Every Picture tells a story – realistic and stylised animals in art from Manic Illustrations

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#Snow for #Christmas?

With the snow falling outside how about some last minute  Christmas shopping online?…Slate hearts for sale with original acrylic paintings and finished with matte varnish to buy here with only a few days to go!


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#Robin Song and #Dragonfly tail dipping

These are small things in the scheme of everything, but aren’t they moments that can bring such joy?    The highlights of my walk this morning were amber coloured dragonflies attached to each other in a parallel fashion, with the rear one dipping her tail in the water of the canal.  This I thought must be about laying eggs, and it went on for some time and there were some occasional intruders on the matter perhaps a territorial issue, with other dragonflies.

Walking along the lane I thought I heard the twittering of a bird up in the roof of a house I was approaching.  The song seemed far away.  But as I was searching for the source my gaze landed on a first year Robin singing its heart out but in a beautiful understated way not far from where I was standing.  These birds are not so not so reactive to rush off as their adult counterparts and the song is a practice for their song in times ahead. I needed the internet to confirm this.  I recalled that we did have a robin in the garden some time ago who did exactly the same thing, this is a photo of same Robin and here you can also see the fluffy adolescent feathers.