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Every Picture tells a story – realistic and stylised animals in art from Manic Illustrations

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Painting Stories: Freddie and Digger

So, what is going on in the picture?

Digger the dog and Freddie the Goldfish a painting by artist Diane YoungIf an image captures your imagination you may find your own internal dialogue emerging as to what is taking place in the picture. I make ACEOs with my own narrative  in  mind and often show them to my family and find that they in turn arrive at their own (sometimes surprising ) conclusion as to what they think is going on with the characters in my ACEOs.  

I love to start the story and hope there may be a variety of possibilities for a story to be told.  

Decide yourself what is happening here between Digger and Freddie, and then see below for what I had in mind. My description for this aceo goes something like this : “Digger could not be sure but he thought that Freddie was trying to tell him something…..”

My narrative could have been…. “Looking at Freddie Digger was not sure if Freddie  actually liked him.” but I decided that it would be “Freddie kept glancing at the Fish Food and looking at Digger hoping Digger might take the hint and gives him a little snack!”

Go on surprise me with your story line…..


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Calm before the storm?

It was like a summer’s day today (in the UK) and it is nearly October, the birds were singing like it was Spring; could it be the calm before the storm? Time to make sure the woodshed is full.

There is a couple more weeks before a full moon again, and Digger the Foxhound is practicing being one of the wolf kind.

ACEO Posted to Ebay today for 7 days.

ACEO Digger & The Full Moon by Diane Young

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ACEO designs – Referencing Real Things

Even if a design does not depict reality real things have to be referenced to make them have all the nuances and feel of the real thing or else the design will not be convincing.

Readers Digest 1968…..

One of the things we were taught on our university course was to reference everything and to research objects.  A thorough example of referencing was the 1960’s illustrator Bill Johnson who would have had to set up a real scene like the one he was trying to depict to use as reference  and illustrate in situ from life.    Not so easy to running off digital pics  as we can now to use at our leisure in the  studio.    If you take  a look at Digger and Harvey with the Strawberry in my design “It wasn’t Me” I have done as I was told with my referencing.   Digger is in fact a fox terrier,  the strawberry was photographed by me for reference before I ate it up.  I know that blackbirds are round as I have drawn them from life,  and Harvey well I have drawn him so many times over the years I know him well enough to reference him to himself!

Fun Painting of character Harvey and friends by Diane Young

ACEO Sold to Colorado USA

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Harvey and his Antics

Harvey plays hide and seek with his friend the Giraffe.  He knows Digger the dog.   Digger has a skateboard.  Digger is a foxhound his name is such because he likes watching diggers that the building sites use.  Harvey gets around in his shopping trolley although we can only imagine how he got the shopping trolley in the first place.  We do know though that he has been to the arctic and visited the Rockhopper penguins, who knows he might go back to visit soon.  Harvey has his own Facebook Page….