Animal Artist ~ Diane Young

Every Picture tells a story – realistic and stylised animals in art from Manic Illustrations

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WIP #Wolves and Boy #Painting

This painting has taken a few months to get to the nearly finished stage.   I am looking forward to that moment.

P1040497 (500x375)


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Early Preparations …..

The printer is whirring away, Christmas is coming and those prints have to be ready.  Is the iron hot ?  I hope so.  We are definitely ready to strike.  I have a little stock of prints all ready mounted hoping that some lovely peeps will buy them for gifts.   The whirring is worrying though, that printer had better keep going, sucking up that liquid gold in the form of CMYK pigments…. let’s hope we get through the winter in one piece.

Find some of these on etsy and if you don’t find the one you really want then contact me; I will get them on there for you pronto.  🙂

Prints for sale of original paintings of animals by artist Diane Young of Stroud UK


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More Animal prints from Manic Illustrations.

Christmas Cat and the Red Cardinal along with Mousie and the Fairy on the Tree.

Framed 7 x 5 xmas prints by artist Diane Young for sale at Fish OUt of Water Wotton Gallery


Framed Red Cardinal prints by artist Diane Young Framed Christmas Cat prints by artist Diane Young

The festive season is starting early here in my studio….so many things to organise 🙂

Prints framed or unframed available soon from Fish Out of Water Gallery and Gift Shop at  Wotton-Under-Edge Glos UK.

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A Murder of Magpies.

WIP painting of Magpie stack by artist Diane Young

This idea has been in mind for quite some time and it does feel good to have at last completed the painting.

This balancing act has to appear to be believable and so getting each bird in a convincing position was tricky but I think it works.

The above is a  work-in-progress pic and the finished painting is shown below.

Painting of 3 Magpies by artist Diane Young


A group of magpies have more than one name – a congregation, or a murder, I have also seen them referred to as a tiding, a charm and a mischief.