Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (2024)



Quest Requirements:

Gertrudes Cat
Icthlarin's Little Helper

Skill/Other Requirements:

A kitten or a cat.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

One of a Kind
Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Items Needed at Quest Start:

A Kitten/Cat, Catspeak amulet, 5 Death runes, Chocolate cake, Rake*, Seed dibber*, 4 Potato seeds, Shears*, Logs, Tinderbox*, Bucket of milk, Desert/Druid robe top, Desert/Druid robe bottom, Vial of water, and 400 Coins.

* Works on Toolbelt.

Items Recommended for Quest:

Ring of charos (a), Games necklace, Amulet of glory(1), and 2 Varrock teleport methods.

Items Acquired During Quest:

A Catspeak amulet(e), Chores, Recipe, 3 Weeds, Bucket, Nurse hat, Doctors hat, Present, Mouse toy, and 2 Antique lamps.

Quest Points:



A Present (when opened you receive a Mouse toy, two Antique lamps, each giving 2.5 K XP to a chosen skill of 30 or higher), and2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.

Start Point:

Unferth's house in Burthorpe, north of the agility course.

To Start:

Speak to Unferth.


  1. Speak to Unferth at his house in Burthorpe and offer to help him find Bob the cat. He will redirect you to Hild across the street.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (1)

  2. Hild will offer to enchant your Catspeak amulet to help find Bob. It will cost 5 Death runes.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (2)

  3. Now open the Catspeak amulet(e) (or operate it when equipped) and a screen with the face of a cat will come up. Click the whiskers to move the arrow to a new compass direction. When the eyes light up, as shown in the image below, you will know what direction to look in. The closer you get to Bob to more the mouth of the cat on the compass will open. Bob has been reported to be found all over Runescape. When you have located him, talk to him and find out that he is lovesick. Your Kitten/Cat will tell you to speak to Gertrude to about Bob's parents.

    Note: Bob is commonly found roaming around Falador, Taverley, and Burthorpe.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (3)

  4. Speak to Gertrude in Varrock. She will admit that she does not know anything about his parents. Your Kitten/Cat will mention "Robert the Strong" to you. When you ask her about him, she will redirect you to Reldo.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (4)

  5. Pay a visit to Reldo, the Varrock librarian. He will tell you more about Robert the Strong.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (5)

  6. Head back to Bob by using the Catspeak amulet(e) once more. He cannot remember Robert the strong and will tell you to talk to the Sphinx in Sophanem.
  7. Make your way through the desert to the city of Sophanem. Once there, talk to the sphinx. You will get an option whether you want view a 5 minutes and 20 seconds long cut scene or not. It is well worth it. In the cut scene Bob gets together with Neite, the cat he loves. When the cut scene is over, Bob will tell you to do some Chores for Unferth and give you the option to teleport to Unferth's house.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (6)

  8. Once back at Unferth's house, you will have to complete the following tasks.
    • Tidy House - Make the bed in the corner
    • Warm Human - Use your Logs on the fireplace and then use the Tinderbox on the fireplace to light the fire.
    • Feed Human - Use your Chocolate cake and Bucket of milk on the table. If you need the Recipe for Chocolate cake, search the nearby bookcase.
    • Tidy Human - Use a pair of Shears on Unferth. He will now be bald again.
    • Tend Garden - Weed the garden with a Rake, then plant 4 Potato seeds using a Seed dibber. The patch does not need compost or watering. The plants need to be fully grown to complete this chore.

  9. When done, your Kitten/Cat will tell you the chores are finished and to go and speak to Unferth. You will learn that Unferth is ill and that you will have to help him. Your cat tells you to go to the Varrock apothecary.
  10. The Apothecary will inform you that Unferth is not really ill and that you will need to dress up as a doctor or nurse. He will give you either a Nurse hat or Doctors hat. Put on your new hat and the Desert/Druid robes.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (7)

  11. Go to Unferth and convince him that the Vial of water you give him is a magical cure. He will immediately begin to feel better.

    Note: Both the armor and weapon slots must be empty or Unferth will see through your disguise.

  12. Find Bob with your Catspeak amulet(e) and speak to him. You will see a cut scene of his and Neite's adventures.

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (8)

  13. Return to Unferth to receive your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (9)

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Tail of Two Cats, A - RuneScape Guide (2024)
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